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Arbor Networks' anomaly detection solutions protect the world's most critical networks, preventing costly downtime, network cleanup and loss of customer confidence.

Arbor's solutions are based on the proven Peakflow platform, intelligent technology for network-wide data collection, analysis, behavioral anomaly detection, and threat mitigation. Arbor’s Peakflow® provides real-time views of network activity, allowing organizations to instantly protect against propagating worms, DDoS attacks, botnet armies, insider employee misuse, phishing, pharming, and network instabilities.

Since the company was founded in 2000, Arbor Networks has been committed to researching next-generation cyber threats and developing solutions that prevent network attacks. The company's patented technology is based on five years of pioneering network security research conducted by Arbor's founders at the University of Michigan under a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grant. News and information are available at www.arbornetworks.com.



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Arbor Networks - Security Portfolio
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Built to meet the demands of the largest enterprise networks, Arbor’s Peakflow X allows organizations to solve the internal security threat, while maintaining business continuity. Utilizing Relational Modeling — a breakthrough in network modeling technology — Arbor’s Peakflow X constructs a network-wide view of the entire network, auto-learning host behaviors to determine who talks to who, and how. Using this network-wide perspective, Arbor’s Peakflow X generates actionable security information allowing network operators to actively defend their network before, during and after worm outbreaks, harden the internal network against future threats, and eliminate insider misuse..




Deployed in the backbones of every major service provider and MSO network across the globe, Arbor Networks' Peakflow SP is a network-wide infrastructure security, measurement and traffic-monitoring platform that service providers deploy to address network availability threats. Comprised of three devices — Infrastructure Security, Traffic and Routing, and Managed Services — Arbor’s Peakflow SP offers a comprehensive solution that scales with a service provider’s network and its customer base:

Infrastructure Security - proactively detects and mitigates network-wide anomalies.

Traffic and Routing - models traffic from across the entire network, enabling operators to make informed business decisions about routing, transit, partners, and customers.

Managed Services - provides a scalable and cost-effective means for a service provider to offer DoS prevention and other revenue-generating security services to their customers.


Managed Security Services


In order to execute an effective DDoS defense strategy, enterprises must turn to an Internet service provider that can offer network-based DoS protection and design Internet connections to survive these attacks. Solutions such as Arbor Peakflow are deployed by ISPs to provide large scale, network-based intelligence as the first line of defense for enterprises.
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